Sunday, September 6, 2009

Upcoming Week

We have been aggressively planning our lives for the next year - trying to determine what ministries to continue with, etc. In the midst of that we have some exciting days coming up. This week is Dia de los Ninos (Day of the child). It's basically Christmas in September. It's a big deal in Honduras - there will be a lot of activities at school, and we wanted to do something for the kids out in Armenia Bonito. We had some dolls donated awhile ago, and some gift bags from one of our supporting churches, Valley Springs in California. We are going to bring those gifts, and make sandwiches to give to the kids - and give a short message on the importance of children in God's kingdom. We pray that this day will be blessed. The following day, Friday, we are taking a select number of girls out for a fun day. We will be going to Pizza Hut (a treat which none of them have been to), then off to Lindsey's house for game night, then to Baskin Robbins for ice cream treat. Then back to their homes in the village. We also pray that this time will be blessed as we get to know these young girls even better.

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