Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu, Mexico And Erin

This blog entry was written by Mike, Erin’s husband.

Since April 18th Erin has been in Guanajuato, Mexico attending a medical missions training. She has been without internet or phone the entire time and we have not heard from her since the 17th.

Guanajuato is 175 miles NW of Mexico City. Mexico City is the center of the current swine flu problems. So far there are more then 1,300 suspected cases of swine flu in the U.S. and Mexico and an estimated 81 deaths, all since April 13th. The World Health Organization has declared a “public health emergency of international concern”.

The President of Mexico has declared emergency power and has required that Mexico City shut down all schools, churches, bars, museums, theaters, stadiums and other public places. Mexico City’s international airport, which handles about 70,000 passengers each day, is operating without restrictions. Passengers are given a questionnaire asking if they have flu symptoms and recommending they cancel their trip and see a doctor if they do. The airport measures are currently voluntary.

While no country has yet established a travel ban to or from the U.S. or Mexico dozens of countries are screening and even testing passengers arriving from both countries. On Saturday the Honduran government said it may quarantine passengers with flu-like symptoms arriving from the U.S. and Mexico. Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, the two main port cities in the country, will be the main area of surveillance.

So, why am I telling you all this - on Monday(4/26) Erin is scheduled to fly from Guanajuato, Mexico, connect in Mexico City and then onto San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

We ask that you pray for her health and safety. We also ask that you pray for her ability to enter Honduras without limits.


The McClain's said...

we will be praying :) love you and safe travels, tomorrow, my friend!

Melanie said...

Thanks for letting me know how to pray! Thanks for volunteering to serve in this way!

Susan said...

Our church just came back from a week building houses in Mexico, just south of SanDiego...I found you via Coffee Girl blog. We are missionaries in Japan, now on HA.