Saturday, April 4, 2009


Missionary Medicine Intensive:

This has been a very intense class I've been in. It's currently 3:30 on Saturday, and I'm just finishing up my homework. Sunday is a day of rest, but Monday starts it all over again. This has been an incredible class that is going to help our ministry tremendously! Anyone going on the mission field long-term, I would HIGHLY encourage you to attend this class. It is practical, informative, and will equip you to be prepared in almost any medical situation! Here is a brief summary from the website: "Whether you are a doctor with very little experience in tropical medicine, a nurse or a lay person, your two weeks in MMI will give you that preparation. The course textbook, the Village Medical Manual, was written by Dr. Mary Vanderkooi, an Equip missionary and a specialist in tropical medicine. This unique diagnostic tool, in conjunction with 200 sample case studies, will prepare you to use logical, step-by-step methods to diagnose hundreds of diseases that you may encounter."

Here are some pics of us doing exercises in class:

Practicing stitches

Final results:

Making our homemade naso-gastric tubes: (this is a before shot - didn't take one during or after)

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Moorea said...

looks like fun! did you ever get ice cream? you sure deserve it after the being practiced on with NG tubes! I see you ARE using sewing skills in the field after all! nice stitching. :0)