Tuesday, April 14, 2009


About 5 months ago I had some things sent to my friend Mindy. She has graciously stored them for quite some time. We had the idea to bring them back to Honduras with us when we were here in Christmas - but because we were so overwhelmed with all the school supplies, none of the other ministry items came with us. So yesterday, Mindy and I went through all the items to consolidate them and prepare them so when the team from our home church comes down this summer, they will be ready to bring with them. One of our tasks was to take 240 tubes of antibiotic cream and put them into a single sterilized container.

Half way done:

Container to take more than half of the ointment in:


Nomosian said...

is there a way to get medication through the mail to you in Honduras? My father-in-law is doctor in Mexico and has a lot of unused samples from various pharmaceutical companies which might be of some value - but no apparent way to get them to you all. The Mexican post is really bad and I think we'd have a hard time bringing it across to the US to ship. if you know of any alternatives - let me know.

Ryan Jankowski
Rincon Mtn. PCA, Tucson

Ellie said...

Squeezing half a million tubes... the thought of it has me laughing.

Severinghaus family said...

Wow, more ABX cream! What a blessing, and what a big job to squeeze them all out. You are truly a willing servant, doing what it takes no matter what!
We miss your smiley face here!