Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enjoying my time

Last night we had some friends over to the Hertzells house, where I am staying, and had a GREAT time of relaxing, talking, and just being at peace. I have been enjoying just "hanging out", and recouping after a long time of working, working, working. Tomorrow I will be attending my home church, Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church, for Easter service. My mother and father in law will be coming, and I am looking forward to spending the day with them. I've been shopping for things I can't find in Honduras, and I must say, it's been fun talking to people at the store in English, but it's funny that my ears gravitate to people in the store who are speaking Spanish! A comforting thought that I'm starting to feel very comfortable around Spanish speakers. Next week we have a few things on the agenda, including going to see my folks, and I can't wait!

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Ted said...

See you there!