Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick update

Just an update blog. Surviving the Tropical Depression. Went from a huge storm warning, to now it's only a mild storm. We did get a lot of flooding, and Madison's school was called off for a day. I'm trying to struggle through a cold - lots of sniffling, sneezing, and watery eyes. Enjoying our very sweet 4-month old dog Max. He's bringing a lot of joy into our lives! ESL is going well - another class tomorrow. The students are very excited each week and learning more and more. Anxiously awaiting our new team member - the McCann's new baby - any time now! Our other team mates, Andy, Josh, and Jamie, are only weeks away from arriving! We anxiously plan on starting additional ESL classes, and possibly the beginning stages of Street Children ministry. That's it for today - going to hit the bed early to try and get over this stupid cold!

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Jamie Wright said...

i hope you're feeling better! we finally got some sun this morning, woohoo. i hope things are drying up for you as well. :)