Wednesday, October 22, 2008


People are escaping their flooded homes

Streets get washed away from the water soaked land, or from sink holes

Rain is hitting Honduras! Although this country understands what rain is all about – the continued rain without interruption is putting stressors on many parts of Honduras. This is an excerpt from a local newspaper:

Nationwide disaster caused by tropical depression in Honduras

Tuesday, 21 October 2008 13:15

President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya, along with President of Congress Roberto Micheletti and his Secretaries of State, appeared Monday October 20th, on national television and radio, declaring a state of national emergency to address the damage caused by the heavy rains and floods that hit and continue hitting Honduran territory. The number of dead has risen to 11, and three people have been reported missing.

The rains have denoted the fragility of the road infrastructure in Honduras, which was already in a state of deterioration since before the rains, and was unable to resist the ravages of nature.

In the department of Yoro, in the regions of El Progreso, El Guaymon, and dozens of small villages and banana plantation fields, destruction has reached the belongings of thousands of people who have left their homes for shelter in schools, churches, and temporary tent installed by relief corps.

The rain has caused the overflow of contaminated waters, where bugs, dead animals, snakes, garbage, household utensils, tree trunks and even parts of cars can be seen floating around. People in search of safe havens are exposed to danger when bumping into these objects while walking through the dirty waters.

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Jamie Wright said...

this is heartbreaking. praying that the inundation stops soon and that the country is able to recover quickly!