Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Making house calls

As the community of Armenia Bonito comes to know us better, we are really feeling like we can and are making an impact. We had the opportunity to bring two blind people CD's of the book of Matthew. It was hugely received, and if they are happy with it, and are able to use it like they want, we will bring them additional CD's with more of the bible. Chela, one of the ladies we saw was blind due to glaucoma. Incredible, medical ailments that are easily treatable, go untreated here, and because of it, she is now blind. Another person I saw, Santos, a pastor at one of he local churches was recovering from a stroke. Over a month ago I saw him at one of my mobile clinics. His blood pressure was dangerously high and his blood sugar was very high. I advised him to immediately seek the advice of a physician and to be started on blood pressure medication because he was high risk for a stroke. Unfortunately, he did not go to a physician, and did indeed suffer a stroke. I will be following up with him weekly to check his blood pressure and blood sugar. I was able to see two other people yesterday. One gentleman had recently had extensive surgery on his leg - 6 screws, and a plate put in. He was hobbling around, with limited range of motion. I advised him on ways to improve his range of motion, and some resistance exercises. I told him to do it at least two times a day. He was very happy for the information as physical therapy is almost an unknown entity here. I also was able to provide him with pain medication. You will notice the addition of glasses...yes...I went to the optometrist and he advised me to wear glasses - it's only for distance, don't need it for close up, but I'm trying to be good and wear them.


Jamie Wright said...

this is awesome. how cool that you are truly changing the quality of life for people around you for the better!

By the way - LOVE the glasses!!! adorable!

Ellie said...

nice glasses! I hate glasses in hot weather, though.