Saturday, October 11, 2008

Pico Bonito

Near the waterall

The waterfall and swimming area

Pico Bonito

Beautiful mushroom

Part of the jungle path we walked along

Cup mushrooms

Yesterday Pamela (our intern) and I went to Pico Bonito. It is a natural preserve and protected area about 30 minutes outside of La Ceiba. After about a 3-hour casual hike we made our way to a swimming area with a beautiful waterfall. After some crazy crawling over very slippery rocks, we made our way to the base of the waterfall. It was very dangerous, and something I'm thinking would NEVER be done in the states because of how dangerous it was. But - we had a GREAT time and the water was freezing (never thought I would be freezing in Honduras). We then started the hike back to the van in the pouring rain through the jungle. It only took us about an hour to get back as we weren't looking at everything and taking pictures. All in all, a great day, exhausting, but just beautiful!


Ellie said...

Looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm thinking of taking my kids on a hike on Monday - just itching to get outside away from people again.

Jamie Wright said...

That looks AMAZING! I had no idea that the area you're in is SOOO beautiful! I'm so happy for your trip back to the states - what Fun! I bet Maddie can't wait either!!! Tell everyone HI for me. Costa Rica misses you!!!

Orangehouse said...

Glad you enjoyed the park! We loved it too.