Monday, October 20, 2008


No, we didn't fall down, but it's Fall in Honduras. What does that mean, you may wonder? As this is a rain forest country, with sun or rain as the two seasons - where does Fall come into play? Well - the weather has definitely turned. I haven't been truly "hot" for a few weeks. I actually used a blanket over my legs last night as I sat on the couch (no - didn't REALLY need it, but it sure felt "normal"). I've tried to take a picture of outside - a little gloomy, rain or drizzle all the time, even the passing thought of wearing a long sleeved shirt (decided against it). Don't get me wrong - it's still 85 degrees, with 95% humidity - but definitely a change in the air. We were at the grocery store yesterday - and guess what we saw? A real honest to goodness pumpkin! Obviously brought in for the gringos! And only $2.50! The lady at the register said how pretty it was. She wondered what we did with it. When Mike explained that our daughter was going to carve a face in it, and I was going to cook the seeds, she was truly bewildered! But, her smile was fun to see - as we are learning about Honduras culture, it is fun to see them learn about our culture as well!

Gloomy Monday morning

Fall decorations


Ellie said...

Ya'll enjoy that pumpkin - I'm heading for the hammock! Just to close my eyes and rock.... ahh!

Seriously - looks pretty.

Jamie Wright said...

your table looks gorgeous! I love it!!! I found some pumpkins as well - YAY! We are gonna carve them, enjoy our jack-o-lanterns for 1 night, and then bake them for thanksgiving pie filling. i can't wait! Happy Fall to all of you!

Zoe said...

oh how i miss the "option" of a blanket. Here's its 3 blankets or DIE! Do you know I have even asked for one of those full-body PJ's for Christmas this year! You know...the ones with the built in feet and buttons on the back for a late night leak....yeah, I wish I was kidding. Hopefully Santa will be kind to me. ;)

Becky Aguirre said...

Living in the desert as we do, I sort of miss the falling asleep to the sound of rain on a tin roof, watching the storms roll in and the wall of water coming...but anyway, I digress...very nice pumpkin! A friend bought some here, but not nearly so cheap...there is a Mennonite colony near here, so I wonder if that's where they come from? I have not decorated for fall, but I need to, it's my favorite season!