Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The people of Honduras

There's just something about the people of Honduras that I have grown to love. Almost everyone we talk to is kind, patient with our Spanish, and very courteous, and VERY talkative! As we were going out on the bus today to Armenia Bonito to continue handing out flyers for our pregnancy clinic this week, I saw a man on the bus. He was "tercera edad" - literally it translates to 3rd age. i.e. Senior citizen. His face was beautiful! I kindly told him in Spanish, "Your face is very handsome. Would you mind if I took a picture of it to remember it by?" He was very flattered, and kindly posed for the picture.

People here are hard working. The life expectancy is short and difficult. Access to health care is limited and hard to come by. But because of that, their faces have become a canvas that attributes to the kind of life they live. Enjoy.

My friend on the bus

A young girl in Armenia Bonito who stopped to chat with us

The baby of a young woman we have become friends with

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