Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making it Work

Our water pump wicking system

Our washers external drain

Outside drainage "system"

After our team arrived, we continued to find some things with the house that just needed fixing. First, we have a pump in our back room that assists with water pressure when there is low pressure in the city. That happens every night around 6:00 or a little later. It's wonderful having this pump because we can then get water to the upstairs that we wouldn't normally get. However, soon after their arrival, the pump began to leak. We had multiple plumbers out, and they all said the same - the PVC needs to be changed. And yet, here we are, without the PVC being replaced. So - I've set up a "wick" system so the water will drip into a bucket rather than all over the floor.

The second thing was the washing machine. It drains into the laundry sink - which I understand is not all that unusual. Where is gets tricky here is that the drainage system is so poor, it takes upwards of a 1/2 a day to drain. I'm sure there is so much gunk in the drainage that the water has a difficult time getting down. However, once again, the plumber had been called and yes, he agreed, the drainage was bad. And that's where it ended. No Roto Rooter around here. Sigh. So - we were really only able to do one load of wash a day because we would flood our back room. So - once again - I "made it work". Attached an external drain - and drain it to our back yard. Waalah! Now we can wash as much as we want :-) No - this wouldn't be an acceptable outcome in the states, but - welcome to Honduras :-)

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