Thursday, August 7, 2008

My friend Ramon

My amigo Ramon

During our walking time in Armenia Bonito in preparation for the medical clinic I came across my friend Ramon. He is a 4 year old and an awesome kid. He immediately approached us and started quoting scripture. He has such a warm presence and a charming personality. I spoke to his dad and asked him to bring him to the upcoming clinic. Why? His teeth. I spoke to Ramon and asked him if his mouth hurt - his response "yes...all day...everyday". Why you may ask? Almost every tooth in his head was rotting out or cracked. He can only eat on is back molars - those are the only ones intact. His family is in a situation in which they are unable to afford taking him to a dentist. Medical care is somewhat available - although very difficult to get to as it takes an hour+ trip by bus to get to the public hospital, then it's an all day wait, assuming you are able to be seen at all. However, dental services are not available to the poor. You must pay for services. So - I'm starting the investigation process about what it would take for a local dentist to see little Ramon. How much it would cost, if they could do it...etc. Please pray for Ramon and my investigation. This little guy is such a blessing to his family and his community - he needs good healthy teeth.

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