Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day of School

Today is Madison's first day of school. She is attending La Ceiba Bilingual School about 20+ minutes walk from here. As it's across two major streets, she isn't going to be walking. Until we can get a car, Mike will be taking her to school in a cab, and running home. In the afternoon I'll walk to her school and we will both return in a cab. This equates to about $4.00 a day - prayerfully this will only be for a month until we can raise sufficient funds for a car. $80.00 a month is a bit pricey for transportation to school!

Her school is a private school. It starts off with morning assembly which includes prayer and uniform assessment. If anything is wrong with her uniform she will be corrected. They are pretty serious about this. There are about 900 kids in attendance. She will also receive her class schedule today. She had the opportunity to meet her teachers during her orientation last Friday. She seemed excited and a bit apprehensive! Please pray for our girl as she adapts to this new environment - and pray for friends at school.

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