Saturday, March 22, 2008

Semana Santa (Holy Week), Good Friday procession

This week my desire has been to have a better understanding of the importance of Semana Santa (Holy Week) to the people of Costa Rica. The Catholic church looks at the week before Easter as the most important week of the year. My goal was to see a procession on Good Friday. The McCann's (our team mates), Madison, and I trecked downtown San Jose to see what we could see. The main Catholic church in San Jose was having a Good Friday procession. It was very different for us, and at times, a little disconcerning. When we saw Jesus in a coffin, we decided to look at it as a cultural experience and nothing more. It was good to see so many people in church on this day.

This cultural experience did much to remind us of the grace we have in Christ and that is all we need. Check out this three minute video from the event:

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