Monday, March 17, 2008

Palm Sunday

Well...yesterday was Palm Sunday, and I'm thinking you really wouldn't have known it here. It's very interesting how the Catholic and Protestants are clearly divided here. This is Semana Santa, or Holy Week, in most of Central America. Most people use it as a reason to get out of dodge and head to the beach for a week vacation. Others, however, use it as a time of reflection about Easter. The Catholics religiously observe "no meat" for much of this week, and especially on Friday. The Protestants don't really acknowledge Palm Sunday because it is a "Catholic" holiday. It has been an interesting look into the culture of Central America. Friday of this week is a huge day for parades - parades that include the Virgin Mary, self-flagellation, nailing themselves to a cross, carrying Christ in a coffin, and other things that shows how devout they are to their religion. I am very interested in seeing how this week plays out.
Christ in his coffin is carried in Catholic parades
The Virgin Mary is also paraded

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