Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Shower

Our new shower

After 7 months we finally got a "new shower". As you may or may not know (from a video after we first got here), we described how our shower works. There is no hot water heater in our house, so the only hot water we do have is from our shower, and that's through something called a "widow maker". There is a real name for it, but it's commonly referred to as a widow maker because of the close proximity of electric wires to water. So - we have been dealing with a shower that dribbles, in the best of times, with "warmish" water. About 2 weeks ago our widow maker started smoking. Then, the electric tape started melting, and finally it started sparking. At that point we decided it worth mentioning to our land lady. She immediately called the handyman, and out he came. He took one look at it, and said it needed to be replaced immediately. So out he went for a new one, came back, and now it's installed! Still not as wonderful as our shower in the U.S., but a VAST improvement. Ahh...the little things in life that make life "that much better". Yeah :-)

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