Friday, March 7, 2008

San Carlos Mission Trip

San Jose to San Carlos

Today, after school, we leave for a three day mission trip to San Carlos, Costa Rica. This is a poor community about three hours outside of San Jose. The Pettengills are responsible for organizing a Youth program for 80+ kids. We have dozens of fun games and a Bible program planned.

We are very excited that Team Honduras (that’s you) was given the ability to sponsor a couple of boys from La Carpio to be missionaries for the weekend. These boys have found the Lord and a desire to serve in a ministry that Mike works at every Thursday. We will get to guide them and have them work under our supervision. It is great to be able to act as missionaries training other missionaries.

We will return Sunday night and report back to you how it all turned out. Sorry in advance for the lack of posts between now and then. Please pray for us this weekend.

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