Sunday, March 23, 2008


Madison going for the egg...

Easter. Very different here than in the States. Today, in church, was like any other Sunday in church. Worship, sermon, home. The service was about Lazarus, and what it means to be a Christian Family. We came home, and our teammates, the McCann's had organized an Easter get-together with other missionary families. All in all there were about 20 kids, and 7 different families. Everyone brought their kids, Sean McCann gave an Easter message, and then the kids went to the local park where we had TONS of eggs hidden for them to find. It was fun watching the kids run around looking for eggs. It was just as much fun watching the local Tico's looking at the gringo kids wondering what in the world they were doing. See the post below for other Easter events we saw. Tune in tomorrow for a video on the day. I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter. He is risen....He is risen indeed!

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