Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Time of Transition

The last year and a half has been a time full of transition. We sold our house and lived in an apartment for a year as we prepared for Costa Rica. Now, we are in Costa Rica for 10 months learning Spanish and preparing for Honduras. For almost 2 years now we have been in a state of flux, and living in a time of transition. This is difficult because it's hard to have a sense of permanence. Each "home" has been one of transition. We don't want to paint walls, or decorate it up because we know it's only temporary. That's difficult. We so want to begin what God has sent us out to do. We do know that to do that we have to do these things first. But - when the only things you own can be put into duffel bags, it's hard to feel rooted. We are so excited about what we are learning in Spanish, but know that we are going to be far from fluent when we leave, but we will definitely have a foundation to work with, and a lifetime to get better. So, pray for us during this transitional time. Not feeling rooted can get to be a little difficult at times.


Lindsey M said...

We will certainly be praying and believe me we can relate to you guys. I realized the other day that by the time we get to Costa Rica it will be Lucy's 5th house she will ever live in. And assuming we stay in the same house in Honduras for the 2 years we will be there- that will be the longest time we will ever be in a home.

newcityjim said...

Erin. As I'm sure you know, we go through those very difficult moments too, when everything seems so up in the air. Thanks for sharing your heart! Will be in prayer.
Jim and Sara