Saturday, December 22, 2007


We have arrived in Panama for a little R&R, knowing our little tiny apartment was going to get even smaller if we spent the next week and a half there, so Mike sprang for a trip to Panama for my 40th birthday. We arrived safely, with ALL of our luggage intact, unlike this poor sorry sap (see pic below). I laughed so hard each time the handle came around the belt, wondering what I would do it that was all I found of my luggage. It was worthy of a picture. My 40th birthday came and went very quietly. Only managed to come out of it with a raging ear infection (please pray for that). Tomorrow we have almost no plans, just time to be with God (in our hotel room), and be with each other. Sounds like a GREAT day to me thank you very much! This is a view from the walk we took when we arrived. It is the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.

The "handle"

View of canal from the walkway

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