Friday, December 14, 2007

Ballet El Cascanueces (The Nutcracker)

Tonight we are taking my friend Denise to see The Nutcracker at the National Theater down town. We have been to a symphony there, but have not seen a ballet. Many, many things are expensive in Costa Rica, but the theater is not one of them. The Nutcracker has been a Christmas tradition for the Pettengill family since Madison was about 4 years old. We were a little sad knowing that this was going to be the first Christmas away from home, and the first Christmas where new traditions were going to have to be made. But we were very excited when we found out they were doing the Nutcracker, and that wasn't a tradition we were going to miss (at least this year - who knows about next year). Tomorrow officially starts the holiday season for Costa Rica, and they start it off with a Festival of Lights parade. There are a million people expected to attend (according to the local paper). So people have started arriving in hordes, so it may be crazy tonight. Feliz fin de semana everyone (have a nice weekend).


John Stuart said...

I saw the Nutcracker here in the OK only last week! It was good. Enjoy. Will it be in Spanish or English.


Leah said...

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