Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stick a fork in me - I'm DONE!

That's it gang - Mike and I are done with this trimester! We have had such an incredible time - learned SO MUCH - and realize how much more we have to go! But, it's been an amazing time knowing that our job is to learn, and that will give us the ability to do God's work in Honduras. After much struggling, stressing, frustration, melt-downs (okay...only me - not Mike) - we managed to finish our first trimester - between Mike and myself we received 5 A's, and one B+. We are thrilled. We know that language school isn't about grades at all - it's about learning. We could still get C's or even lower - but as long as we are learning, that's our primary concern. Madison is almost done as well. She only has one more final to go! She has received all B's - done an excellent job! Her final test is tomorrow in Math. She has been really struggling with math this school year, so prayers would be greatly appreciated! So - all praises go to God in our endeavors!


John Stuart said...

buenas notas, Pettengills! good work.


happy holidays.

newcityjim said...

Whew hew!

Way to go guys! I'm impressed and encouraged for you...the power of "yet" :)