Thursday, December 6, 2007

Field Trip

Only men are allowed to work the saws because how dangerous they are

Only women are allowed to sort and string the beads because of their small, dextrous fingers
The warehouse women aren't allowed to talk, only listen to music because it's considered rude to not pay complete attention to someone speaking to you, and that would require them to look away from their work.
String together a placemat
a "puzzle" jewelry box

Some of the final products
Our language teacher wanted us to experience some Costa Rican culture, so she organized a field trip to a local wood working factory. They ship all over the world, and employee 250 people in the factory, and another 150 women they allow to work out of their homes. This is a new concept for the people of Costa Rica - women with young children rarely have an opportunity to work because there are no child care centers here, and the women are completely responsible for house and children. So, this is an incredible opportunity to involve women who would otherwise have been unable to work. It was quite impressive to see all that is involved in making these wood pieces. Enjoy!

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The McClain's said...

Great pictures and summary of trip...can you send me some pictures from the day?

It was fun!

Brooke :)