Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sushi in Costa Rica

Yes, we found it - Sushi in Costa Rica! We had heard of a place that was supposed to be not too far from one of our local malls. We saw a movie, then grabbed a taxi to find it. Of course we didn't know the name of it, and asked our taxi driver if he knew of any Japanese restaurants in the area. Well...we started off, not really knowing where to go - the taxi driver managed to find a place for us. We stepped inside and immediately knew we were way under dressed! But...we were here for sushi, not for looking good. We sat down at the sushi bar and got to talking (in Spanish) to the sushi cook. Come to find out we were in the biggest sushi restaurant in San Jose! And it's no wonder - the sushi was incredible! We gorged ourselves on the first sushi we have had in over 3 months! It was an awesome moment! One you wouldn't understand if you aren't a sushi lover! So - another interesting moment of eating sushi, a Japanese food, prepared by a Tico, ordered in Spanish, and consumed with relish! Ahh!!!!


Zoe McLuhan said...
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Zoe McLuhan said...

You just made my day. As my big sister, I feel that it is only appropriate to navigate me in the general sushi direction once I have arrived. Woohoo! I'm so glad you got to enjoy that!