Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kids Club

Damaris, Keidy, Sairy
I've been doing Kids Club since summer teams left and wanted to do things a little different; to make it more of a "club", and engage the kids in some deeper thinking.  So - I started the children's catechism.  I'm taking it slow.  I want the kids to get a deep understanding of each question and each bible verse.  So - I'm taking 1 - 2 weeks per question, and 1 week for the bible verse memorization.  So - we just started week 7 and question number 3.  It is SO exciting to have 35+ kids all reciting the answer to the questions and all knowing the bible verses week after week.  I review each question and each bible verse EACH week - to keep things fresh and in the front of their memory, so they can hide Gods word in their heart.  I also have bible verse and catechism question cards to take home - many have told me they are putting them on their walls to remind themselves.  I also am sending home a take home sheet to share with their parents.  It goes over what they learned that day, verses to study, ways to apply the lesson to their lives, and a prayer to say each night.  The kids love this too - it's a way to share with their parents what they are doing and a great way of parent participation.

As for a craft today, we made an Advent Calendar.  You know - paper rings you all made as a kid as garland for your tree.  The kids absolutely LOVED it! Of  course cutting out 25 pieces of paper per kid and wrapping each up in ribbon took a LONG time last night!  Whew!  But when I explained that each day in December they should tear off a ring to count down the days until Christmas they were horrified!!!!  They all wanted them as decoration for their rooms - I doubt a single kid will tear off their rings.  Ah well - they all got the idea and were all so meticulous in making each ring perfect.

Because of the way I am structuring Kids Club, I am easily averaging 35 - 40 kids each week.  This is the most amount of consistent kids I think we've had!  And we are getting some new kids too - that are coming each week!  Praise God in the teachings they are receiving!

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