Monday, November 7, 2011

Back in California...

...but this time it is a scheduled trip.  I'm speaking at Soaring Oaks Presbyterian Church's missions conference this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I came early to visit with friends and family, and just catch up with people.  Will be returning Sunday to Honduras, and as far as we know, that is the last scheduled trip we have to the States for a long time.

My mother has made vast improvements!  After being in the ICU for over 3 weeks, she has "graduated" to a step-down unit.  She still is on a lot of medical support, so there is no immediate plans as to when she will actually be able to leave the hospital for a sub-acute hospital (medically speaking - it's a facility that is somewhere between a skilled nursing facility and a hospital).  As she will always have a trach (the tube in her neck), and only partial ventilator support, she will need to be in some sort of medical facility always, unless something can ultimately be arranged to get her home with 24-hour nursing care (this is what we are praying for).

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'J and A Latvala said...

Hi! Just stopping by to let you know that things are going again at Missionary Moms! It would be great to see you! =)