Friday, December 2, 2011

Childbirth Classes

Jolie and her sweet baby wearing clothes she received from my class
I have posted before about the prenatal classes I am teaching in Armenia Bonito, and am now starting to see fruit from that.  Three moms who have attended my classes have all given birth, and to some extent all have used techniques they learned in my class.  They've also received tons of additional information about labor and delivery, and some free gifts for attending the class.  Soaring Oaks Church - my home church - held a baby shower for me when I was home.  A friend of mind, Annette C. had sent me an e-mail and asked if there was a way they could help out - and she set the whole thing up.  I would love to post pictures from the event, but on my way to the States my camera was no pics.  The ladies at the church all turned out and I was OVERWHELMED at the love that poured forth from all of them.  The gifts they gave will go a long way to provide some much needed necessities for the very poor ladies in the village.  After the moms deliver, I take some pictures of their babies, print them out at home, laminate them and give them to the moms.  These are probably the only pictures they will ever have, and I feel privileged to be able to give this small gift to them.  I look forward to when our clinic opens, and I can offer more of these types of services!


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