Friday, November 25, 2011


Enjoying the feast goes on...the world keeps on turning...who wudda thunk?  Yeah, I know - stupid to think that God would stop time like he has in the past, for me to catch up with the world.  I'm doing "okay".  Honestly, as long as I don't think too hard, I can get through difficult times.  It's not that I ignore the difficult things, it's just a way of coping.  You know - take things in a little at a time rather than be totally overwhelmed all at once.  So - that's what I'm doing.  On that note, yesterday, as most of you did - we celebrated Thanksgiving!  It was interesting to think of the similarities that we had with the first Thanksgiving meal.  Foreigners in a strange land, relying upon the provisions that were around them, and not the ones they were used to in their country of origin.  We found (or had shipped/or brought from the States) most of the things you would consider a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  It was a true group effort. All of Team Honduras, and a few other missionaries that are in and around La Ceiba, and Madison's best buddy - Rudy (a Honduran) all in all 19 people joined in the festivities.  We arrived at noon, and didn't leave until almost 8pm that night.  We ate, played games, talked, sang, hung out and just had a GREAT time.

Rudy and Madison filling up their plates

The "Kid" table
Thank you God for the blessings of friendship, great food, and fellowship!

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