Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Traditions

So what do you do when you don't have a Michael's or a Target to run out and go get decorations?  No pumpkin patch to spend the day at (going through hay mazes, or eating pumpkin pie)?  There have been many books I've read about being a missionary, and one of the things that most all of them say is keeping traditions alive in your family.  No matter where you are - those things you can do.  Even in Costa Rica I managed to decorate the house - although it was only with paper rings made into a huge chain that had the colors of Fall, then the colors of Christmas.  I know...kind of pathetic...but when that's all you have...

Here, since we plan on staying forever (unless God calls us somewhere else), one of the things I want to do is bring things back from the States each time I go, or I've even had some teams bring decorations with them.  Fall is difficult in Honduras.  There are two seasons here - 1. Hot  2. Hot with rain.  That's it.  Kind of weird when you set up decorations and you are sweating while doing it.  Imagine yourself baking pumpkin cookies with a fan blowing full on your face because it's 92 degrees in your kitchen (I have a thermometer in my kitchen so I know).  Just doesn't quite go with what I remember.  Ah well.  I will persevere!  So, here's my Fall decorations - collected over 3 years of trips back to the States, and teams bringing them.
"Fall" in my house :-) - yes...those ARE real pumpkins!  I found some here in La Ceiba!!!!

Something to ask when you go on a short-term trip.  What does the family there need?  Almost every team without exception, has asked this!  We have been SO blessed to get a box of double-stuffed Oreos, or Cheez-It's.  Or even some household goods - silicon spatula, that kind of thing.  Impossible to buy here.  One thing that ALWAYS makes my day - decorations.  Silk flowers that represent any holiday, knick-nacks that represent as well.  I only have decorations for Fall and Christmas - that's when (if we do) go back to the States - during that time.  Try finding Easter or Valentines' decorations in October.

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