Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Children's Catechism

Ever's "image" of himself

Genesis with her marshmallow man

I have made books for the kids that include the questions/answers and all the verses.  At the end of each 8 week section they will get their books to keep, and we have a big feast for those kids who were able to come for most of the weeks.
Last week I started teaching the kids in Armenia the Children's Catechism.  You know, "Who made you?" in addition to weekly bible verse memorization.  The kids are eating it up!  It's SO exciting to see.  It's also very interesting to see what their bible background is.  When I asked them who paid for their sins, they immediately responded "Dios" (God).  But when I talked about who is Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and their relationship with God, there were blank looks all around.  I was SO thrilled that the basic children's catechism can answer these type of questions.  And they even learned Genesis 1:27:  So God created human beings in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.  But of course in Spanish,  Dios creó al hombre a imagen Suya, a imagen de Dios lo creó; varón y hembra los creó. Génesis 1:27.  And of course since I'm quizzing them and giving them treats if they can say it, then I'm learning the verses along with them!  How cool is that!  So, they all made "images" of themselves as a craft, then made marshmallow people that they could eat when they were done (course I looked ALL OVER the city to try and find straight pretzels to no avail, so toothpicks had to do). 

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