Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scholarship Kids

We have the privilege of being able to send 5 kids to High School through the generous support of folks in the United States. The government pays for education up to 6th grade - after that - to get quality education, you have to pay for it. Because of this, almost no children in Armenia Bonito, the village we work in, go to school past 6th grade. We saw the huge need for education, and so were committed to see how we could get some kids to High School. That's when we started the scholarship program. We had a number of folks in the US jump right in and commit themselves to pay for the kids! The school year is from February through November and the kids will be starting school in a week! Here our their beautiful faces:

George. This is his second year in our scholarship program. He is now in 8th grade!

This is Gracie - this is her first year in our program.

This is Carlos. He is new to our scholarship program.

Nancy is a second year recipient of our scholarship program.

And finally - Alicia - this is also her second year in the program.

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