Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Madison outside of the orthodontist office in June 2009

mid-way through the process with multi-colored rubber bands

braceless Madison 22 February 2011

June, 2009 - Madison got braces on. Her teeth were crooked and not seating properly, but not "terrible". She truly only needed about 16 months worth of braces, but because of our timing, we left Honduras with one more month of "settling" for her teeth. So - our entire time in the States she has basically been wearing her braces as retainers. So, while we were in Honduras for this week, one of the things we wanted to do was to get her into her orthodontist. But I made the orthodontist promise she would only take the braces off IF she could get the retainer made before we left. Good to her word, in less than 12 hours her retainer was ready and my now braceless daughter is proudly wearing her retainer, and trying to figure out how to trill her R's with this piece of plastic in her mouth.


SoniaStorm said...

Your teeth look great Maddy!! Goes perfectly with your beautiful smile. <3

Cindy in California said...

What a beautiful smile on a beautiful young woman!