Tuesday, February 8, 2011


This year we are homeschooling Madison. I homeschooled Madison for 4 years before we went on the mission field, and most of what I did was a mish-mash of different curriculum's that are out there. This year we decided since it was her Freshmen year of High School, and all her grades from here on out are going to be looked at by colleges we decided to do things a little differently. This is an accredited school. Her report card will be recognized by any college. It's challenging, difficult at times, but Madison really enjoys it. She finished up her second grading quarter last week with:

English A+
Writing A++
Science A-
Math A
History A-
Spanish B+

Awesome job girl! And for that - FIELD TRIP this week to the Arizona Science Museum! Can't WAIT!


christina said...

Great job!!!!!

Kate said...
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kdefuniak said...

way to go maddie!