Monday, February 14, 2011


The Pettengill's have been busy. I know...since when has this changed? But we've had an awesome time visiting with everyone - and we want to take advantage of being in The States, as our time is quickly coming to an end, and it will be quite some time before we get back here. So, we've been off to several churches this weekend, and Madison and I taught in Sunday School this last weekend. Madison really has a blast telling about her experiences as a missionary kid (or - as a Kid Missionary).

Today we have the day off - yes, we actually have to schedule those and put them on the calendar - as every day off the week would be filled with things to do, and our batteries would run low. How interesting that in our lives we schedule everything from grocery shopping, to work time, to errand time - but we never schedule "off" time. Well, we've been running ragged for so long, we finally decided we needed to do that - so today is our schedule day off :-)

This Sunday we head back to Honduras for a week. We have to renew our residency cards. It was going to cost us more to pay our lawyer, and give her power of attorney then it would cost us to all fly back. So - for a few days we will be back in Honduras - same time a team is there - to renew our residence cards - then back to The States for our remaining time.

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Jim White said...

Your "day off", huh? So Why are spending time writing this blog?