Friday, July 10, 2009

Prepping for our team

So, as of yesterday afternoon, our team of 18 from Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in North Carolina, has decided to come. We weren't sure, as the political situation is a little unstable here in Honduras. However, things have been quite calm in La Ceiba, nary would you know that there has been political upheaval other than an established curfew. However, Zelaya (ex-president), and the current government have been behaving themselves quite nicely. So, our team, after much discussion, prayer, and advise of their session, have decided to come! However, because of the last minute decision, we are frantically running around to prepare for their arrival. Lindsey and I will be off for hours today purchasing food, supplies, etc. Mike will find an additional van to rent, and purchase all the construction materials to start building on Monday. So - pray for us as we prepare for this team...pray for the team coming that their hearts will be set on doing His work for His people...pray that lives will be touched through the actions and words of this team.

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