Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 1 of Construction

Helping with the craft during Kids Club

Singing songs in Spanish

Learning the in's and out's of mixing concrete on the ground

Putting up the grout - becoming quite adept I might add.

Yesterday the team woke up bright and early - made breakfast - prepared lunch - applied generous amounts of sunscreen and bug spray and ran out the door ready to take on the day! If was a full day indeed! The morning we spent the time continuing construction on the house in the village where a family of 13 live all together in a small little house. We are building a separate house on the same property for a husband/wife/daughter of the same family. After much sweat, laying concrete, blocks, and mixing cement on the ground - it was a successful day indeed! After a lunch break, they had a fun time hanging out with kids, playing, putting on a skit, singing songs, and having a great time!

This morning was a little bit slower getting up - the work and heat already taking a toll - but with no less enthusiasm they ran out the door prepared to take on the day today! More construction, English class in the afternoon, dinner out for traditional Honduran food, then the youth are headed over to the McCann's house for some fun!

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Mary said...

I like Donnette's headband. Now that she knows how to lay mortar, my garage is up next!

God bless you all!