Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Young Oneida

Oneida is a young girl whom we met not long after we arrived in Armenia Bonito more than a year ago. In the beginning days, she would look at us from afar, curious but afraid to approach. We would see her watching us, safely from a distance, but with a clear longing on her face to be involved. We have slowly started learning about her, and she has become dear to our hearts. Oneida is mute. For all intense and purposes she doesn't speak. She has learned to mimic a few sounds to try and make herself understood, but has no grasp on her own language. She does understand when you speak to her, and is not deaf. Her mother died when she was quite young, of which no one really knows the real story of what happened. Her father is a day worker, and is gone from the house for most of the day, and while he IS home, he gives almost no care and attention to Oneida, her sister or her brother. So - Oneida is alone in caring for her small family. Over several months, she slowly started approaching these funny looking white people, and during one activity - girls day out - she advanced us and wanted her hair cut, and for us to put pretty bows in her hair. From that day on she has decided that these adults (us) are "safe" adults. We have also come to find out that many adults in the community have taken it upon themselves to lash out at her when they are angry or upset - she is their punching bag. She is treated like the dozens of stray dogs and is the object of many peoples angry lashes. It is young girls like this one, and her family that we hope to minister to when we eventually have a street children's home. To be able to take her, her brother and sister in - care for them - give them food to eat, and love into their lives, and Christ in their heart. Please pray for Oneida and her family as we continue to develop a trusting relationship with her.

My two sweet girls

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SoniaV said...

PRAISE GOD FOR THE WORK HE'S DOING IN YOUR MIDST. This is one of MANY testimonies to God's steadfast faithfulness to build bridges between the saints and the lost. More importantly, friendships like these are the means to which we can point others on toward the 'ultimate bridge' to the Christ our Savior.

Thank you for sharing. I'm so blessed to hear of your friendship with Oneida. I will be praying for her and others like her who would be continue to be left abandoned, neglected, and unloved.

Love you.