Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kids Club, English Class And Possible Teammates

Our Family and our team have been joined by two MTW missionaries since Monday. The couple are here to meet our teammates and determine if they would be a good fit to join our team permanently. They have joined us in all of our ministry work and have gotten to know all of us. They are here with us for five days.

Monday we held our weekly Kids Club. The kids learned about Esther through a skit our team put on. Mike played the part of the King and Maddy was the narrator. We had 25 kids attend.

Tuesday was our regular English class. Mike lead the class on opposites, listening comprehension and family. We broke into small groups to help the students with pronunciation and had each student read a small story.

Thursday is health clinic, so lots of work ahead of us.

Mike and Maddy in the Kids Club skit

Maddy helping students in English class

Erin working on pronunciation in English class

Mike leading English class

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