Thursday, July 2, 2009

Honduras Peace Rally

During the National Anthem - proud Hondurans saluting their sovereign nation!

Signs in both English and Spanish

A picture of ousted President Zalaya, sitting on a toilet over the country of Honduras. What you may not be able to see is his toilet paper is the country's constitution.

I was personally invited up on stage to get some pictures. They were so excited to see a "gringa" that was clearly in support of what they were doing. I told the rally leader that I would be sending out pictures to CNN and Fox News that day.

Yesterday there was a peace rally with over 3000 people in the city of La Ceiba participating! If was a peaceful rally, people holding flags, and wanting the world to know the truth of what is happening here. It was incredible to be a part of what went on - this is such a historic moment for the people of Honduras as they desperately fight for their democratic rights! There are a number of VERY good articles that discuss what is going on, the democratic process that Honduras is fighting for, and all the illegal activities including drug trafficing from the ousted Honduras president. One is here (thanks Ted for this link!).

Another interesting development - Honduras just picked up two allies. Israel and Taiwan have stated they are in support of the current government and will not stand for other countries using military actions or sanctions against Honduras.


Ben said...

Very interesting. I've been fascinated seeing you take a clear stance on the political situation there; it's never occurred to me until now, but does MTW place any limitations or guidelines on expressing these kinds of opinions?

My news comes mostly from the BBC, which seems pretty slanted against the interim government and the forcible removal of Zelaya.

Anonymous said...

I love having an inside view of what's going on! Praying that the Lord continues to keep you safe, and that the democratic process will prevail in Honduras.


Cindy in California said...

Thank you for your support of the people of Honduras. I hope you also make a difference with the media in sending your pictures to them. It sickens me to watch and read what is being said about this here in the US (when it gets 10 seconds of airtime around Michael Jackson).

~Viva Honduras~