Monday, June 8, 2009

"Need" v.s. "want"

So OFTEN I'm asked - "so Erin, what do you need?" Yes, I'm in a third world country - and finding those things that I'm so used to finding at Target, Wal Mart, or other awesome convenience stores, is difficult if not impossible to find in our little town of La Ceiba. So, often I am asked this question. The bottom line - there is NOTHING that I NEED! Let's face it - if you only had a 7-11, or AM/PM, I would venture to say you could find most of what you NEED. And bottom line - what does anyone NEED? God. Pure and simple. Nothing more. God has graciously allowed me a beautiful family, an incredible place to minister in, the ability to give to His people. Some people are given the opportunity to help out missionaries through prayer or financial support. God makes them part of an in-country team by providing for them through His Saints. God has given me and my family the opportunity to be supported by His Saints and do His work in Honduras. What a priviledge indeed! So, again - what do I NEED? I have what I need. But I also know that some like to give, and am often asked what we "need". I never quite know how to answer that question, and usually come up with some half-hearted response. However - what do you WANT? Well - those I have a few of - So - here is the list:

1. Kitchen Knives - all types - my $3.00 knives that I can buy in the store (the ONLY choice I have) function, but not all that great (pearing knives, chopping knives, etc).
2. Kitchen scale - let's face it - non-existent here
3. Sugar-free coffee syrup. No - there aren't even sugar-filled syrups here :-) (think sugar free carmel, vanilla, etc. )
4. healthy quick snacks - NON existent here - such as jerkey, trail mix, etc.
5. So many nick-nack things for the kitchen, I can't even start! i.e. - garlic press with cleaner, quality rubber spatulas, ANYTHING Pampered Chef (minus the chopper and the Measure Mix Pour - good friend of mine already got me these)
6. Comic books for Madison (Batman, Dark Night, X-Men - all types, Spiderman, Superman, etc.)
7. spices and flavors for cooking: horseradish, oregano, basil, rosemary, etc.
8. Seeds - for my garden - the only source I have found - the seeds are so expired they don't germinate :-( Think tomatoes, etc - anything with DIRECT sunlight
9. More expensive: quality sheets - NON-existent here - twin and King
10. Tupperware for left-overs. The ONLY ones that are here are the ones you can buy at the grocery store (i.e. Ziploc).
11. Literature - books in English - no book stores here!
12. Make-up - (can you imagine spending $20 or generic mascara?)
13. Mixing bowls - I know...I know - you would think they would have them here - but typically they use plastic bowls that have flat bottoms - not what you and I would consider mixing bowls.
14. cook books with pictures - again - they aren't here, and I know - I'm pathetic, but I do better with pictures.
15. Dog toys - chew toys - pig ears - rawhide, cow hooves, etc.
16. Workout DVD's - pilates, yoga, aerobics, etc.
17. Dried cranberries, dried fruit of any type
18. nuts
19. instant pudding mix
20. ice-creamer maker
21. Grater/zester

Anyway - you get the idea - the list can go on and on. As I said - NONE of these things are "needs", but sometimes it's a bit frustrating knowing that I can't just run down to a store to pick them up, or if I really "need" them, I can just take the time and go get them.

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Sarah Dawn said...

Sweet one. I completely understand! Ahh the joys of Target. Miss them, but wouldn't trade our work in the rain forest, the grins on the children's faces, the impact on His kingdom, for anything,

Hugs from missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn