Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras Coup

Troops in the capitol city of Tegucigalpa

Let's try and set the record straight. This is taken from Mike's blog, as he can state it SO much better than I can:

Here is a short synopsis of what has really happened – The President (a leftist) was at the end of his Constitutionally mandated four year term limit. There is a regularly scheduled election this November to replace him. Months ago he said he wanted to put a non-binding question on a June 28th ballot asking the people for a constitutional revision committee. Among other things, the constitutional revision committee would allow the President to run for a second term, in violation of the Constitution. The Congress (majority leftists) unanimously passed a resolution saying that he couldn’t have the election and that it was against the law. The Supreme Court (majority leftists) ruled 5-0 that the proposed ballot measure would violate the Constitution and that the election could not be held. The Constitution says that if a sitting President attempts to lift term limits that they are to be removed from office. The military administers elections in Honduras and they refused to hold the election, so the President fired the head of the military and seized thousands of ballot boxes and intended to have his election. Now this is a key point – on June 27th the Supreme Court voted 5-0 that the President was in violation of the Constitution and ORDERED the military to arrest him. As the Constitution demands, the President was removed from power and the head of the Congress (a leftist) was put in his place. This is NOT a military coup. This IS a peaceful implementation of the democratic process.

In the midst of all this, our team is finishing up their last day here in Honduras. We are trying to get them to the airport tomorrow, but because of curfews, it's going to be a little tricky getting them to the airport. Pray for us, for the people of Honduras, and for safe travels of our team tomorrow.


Sarah Dawn said...

We have been praying diligently for Honduras! My two precious boys battled in prayer with their hands on the map this morning. Our hearts are with you as we served for a short time in the trash dumps of Tegulcigapa. Thanks for sharing the truth. God is taking care of it all.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

10cosas said...

Hi Erin,

Thanks for the excellent explanation. I've been praying for you and others in the country (our church has a LARGE youth team in Honduras at the moment). After reading the explanation, I am VERY impressed with the democratic process in Honduras. Praying it will continue to be quiet and calm.

psalm 37