Friday, June 5, 2009


I think changing your blog layout is like changing the set-up of your room. Just needs to be done once in awhile - makes for different "scenery", and adds a refreshing look. So...that's the only reason - not because of any deep need for a change, "just because".

Yesterday we had our weekly mobile clinic. We saw about 45 people. This week there were many sick kids. The flu has hit (no - NOT swine flu), but because of that many people came to seek some sort of relief. I'm also following up on a young girl I saw a month ago who had all indications of tuberculosis. I'm still not convinced she doesn't have it, but she was much better after a lot of the treatment I gave her. She had been to the doctors office where she had a sputum culture done and was "negative", but I don't hold much weight to their testing. I will continue to monitor her and see how she progresses or doesn't.

Not sure why I look so serious in this picture, this little guy was actually pretty healthy.


Cindy in California said...

The new layout is a fun change. I do miss the links to other blogs. I would often get an update on other missionaries when I saw they had updated. Any chance of adding that back?

Missionaries in La Ceiba, Honduras said...

done :-)

Zoe said...

Great layout girl! I'll be changing mine when the name point in doing it before then. And gain, love the hair too! And I agree with the above...I'll miss those links!

Cindy in California said...

Wow! It's even longer. Thank you!

Cristina said...

love the new blog look!


The McClain's said...

LOVE the new layout!
And the hair :)