Monday, June 1, 2009

MK (Missionary Kid)

Missionary Kid (MK), or Third Culture Kid (TCK), is the "designator" that has been given to kids on the mission field. We have been trying to get Madison on a trip back to the States to go to camp. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out - so instead, I drove her to her best friends house. However, as opposed to your best friend in the States, who is maybe a mile or two away - in the mission field, things are just a bit different. Often times your closest MK friend can be far away. In her case, her best friend is over an hour + away. So - we drove up this morning - by way of a dirt road, 4 bridges, following the river the whole way until we finally arrived. Madison's friend's dad is a physician, and holds clinic in their compound 3 days a week. They currently have a medical brigade working with them. So, after a tour of their compound, I was getting ready to head on my way back to the city when I was asked if I could drop off some people at the hospital in La Ceiba. I immediately said yes, and with 3 pregnant mommies (one getting ready to deliver, one with a possible fetal demise, and the other an incomplete miscarriage), one toddler who promptly threw up his orange soda in my truck, and 3 ladies and 2 men in the back of my pick up, I headed back down the mountain - an hour + later I arrived at the hospital, dropped them all off, and made my way home. A very productive day indeed.

Madison will be at her friends house until Saturday, where her family will bring her back home. So - it's not the States, not camp, but not a bad alternative :-) She is having a blast (we've already heard from her), and is THRILLED to be spending a good quality week with her friend.


Zoe said...

we MK's sure are special aren't we?

Sarah Dawn said...

What a joy to meet you! Just started this blogging adventure about a month ago, and found your blog. Oh, such a joy really. I'll be back to get to know you and hear of all the ways God is using your precious family in Honduras.

Hugs from this missionary mommy,
Sarah Dawn

Becky Aguirre said...

Wow, quite a trip! :D Sorry Madison's trip didn't work out, but good that she spent some time with a friend! Those times are special when you don't have anyone close! p.s. Yay for MKs!!!!