Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home - here we come

Well, it's been a QUICK 2 week adventure back to the States. We about ate our way through - Round Table Pizza, Arby's, donuts, good beer, awesome steak, pork roast, Mimi's Cafe, etc, etc. Only saw one movie - bummer - planned on seeing everything in the theater, ah well. Went to 10 different church events, celebrated Christmas and New Years Eve, went to the doctor to (finally) get treated, purchased clothes (can't buy much in a country where the average height is 6-8 inches shorter than me), purchased a bunch of movies out on DVD, a TON of books, packed 10 duffel bags full of school supplies to bring back to Honduras with us. We did manage to have our 5th annual Lord of the Rings fest. We watch the extended versions of all three movies in one sitting. Yep, that's about 12 hours of movies :-). Now we are packing - trying to get everything we purchased into our remaining suitcases. Madison and I are leaving today. We have to get back because Jamie, Josh, and Andy - our three awesome interns arrive on Monday, and our new team mates, the Severinghouses, arrive on Monday as well. We have to get them settled into their new home and help them find their way around La Ceiba. Oh - and we still have our ministry work we are doing - English classes, medical clinic, and youth program. No rest for the weary. But we love it - and covet your prayers. Mike will be staying over for another week as he is speaking at a mission's conference next weekend. When he returns, our other team mates, The McCann's will be arriving. So, busy, busy, busy. Love to everyone! Awesome to see people again! Come down and see us sometime! The Pettengill Inn is always open :-)

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Ellie said...

Glad you had a good time. Don't weigh yourself for two months. Just ignore it. You have to enjoy guilt free what you can when you don't get it often.