Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting ready...

In two days our new team mates, The McCann's, will be arriving. Almost all of the items we brought back from the States have been put away and just in time as they will be staying with us until they find a house. We have looked at a number of houses, but it's difficult knowing if it's exactly what they are looking for. The wonderful thing is we have a place for them to stay. So begins the end of the huge influx of team mates. In a few weeks after everyone has settled in we will be full blast with everyone - and everyone involved in the ministry work! God is working here!

Our newly built bunkbeds with linen on them for the first time. Just waiting for The McCann's to arrive:

Our boss, Mark Thompson, will also be joining us on Saturday. He will be joined with another member from MTW, Rich Wolfe. A great week of reuniting with folks from The States. We can't wait!


Zoe said...

i love pictures!!!!!!!! Yay! Welcome back to the world of photo shooting. LOL So glad the McCann's are joining you now. I know you will enjoy having them

Jamie Wright said...

this is so cool! i know you guys have been waiting for this moment for a really long time - how exciting!!!