Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arrival home!

We did it - after almost 22 hours from door front in Arizona to door front in Honduras, we made it home! And a HUGE HUGE HUGE praise to God! ALL 12 of our checked bags arrived - we didn't have to pay a DIME in customs - got our full 90 day visa - had a van drive us home and help unload for only $25.00. When we arrived at our home - what did we find? The entire outside of our house and front gate had been newly painted - and our dog Max?!?! He's a GIANT! I can't believe the growth in just the two weeks we have been gone. And thanks to our good friends the Hoffman's, Max is already chewing on his new chew toy. Praises all around - we are exhausted, look forward to a quiet rest of the day because the rest of our week is going to be crazy busy. Love to all!


Zoe said...

is your camera broken? Cause I am needing some serious pictures of your time at home. Did you go on picture strike? How is it being back? My turn comes on Wednesday and I'm not sure how i feel. Miss you guys!

Rhonda said...

I'm glad you made it home safe. I'm getting things ready to head that way myself. I'm geting excited. I miss you guys, we definitely need to connect.