Saturday, January 17, 2009

ESL and Playing

Mike hanging with some kids after English class

Some young kids from our class.

Today we started our first ESL class on Saturdays. We had many people who had come on the Tuesday class that are taking advantage of English being offered twice a week. We also had many new people come. Andy, one of our interns, is taking the young children and teaching them English songs. Josh, another intern, has a class with kids from 15 to about 30. Billy, another person who has been working with us, helped out with pronunciation. This was an introduction class for the 10-week class. We are excited because this brings people in, we teach bible verses and evangelism throughout the class time. While everyone was teaching English, I made a home visit. This is an elderly woman with a severe leg wound. I have been debreeding/scrubbing this wound, she is on antibiotics, and I've been doing dressing changes on her leg for quite some time. As she has no money to go to the doctor, this is providing her with medication she would otherwise be unable to afford. I will continue to see her until this wound is healed.

Tomorrow our boss from the States arrives - Mark Thompson. He, along with two other folks from Mission to the World, will be joining us for the week. We are thrilled to have them here to see what ministry is going on and to fellowship, and do some additional training.

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Becky Aguirre said...

Sorry! Been MIA here for a while...good to catch up with your news. Sounds like you are as busy as ever, but good-busy! :) So neat to hear about the ones you can help with medical treatments, such a blessing to them. And new team-mates, that IS exciting! :)