Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adding on

Things are going a little crazy around here! We have been busy bees. Friday was more catch-up, more sorting of materials we received from the States; Saturday we took the day off and went to a local hotel that has a swimming pool, and sits on the beach. We all enjoyed a relaxing day in the sun, until the rain clouds decided to come. We ate lunch, then packed up and came back home. In the afternoon we welcomed another family that has come to La Ceiba. They are a family of 8 who has a coffee ministry in Copan. However, they want to come do some ministry work in La Ceiba first before they head off permanently to Copan. Took a bit of doing to find the right place to house 8 folks and a dog, but we did so. Today I took everyone to church - all 17 of us - we had a great time at church. Jamie, Josh, and Andy went to check out a new swimming hole, while I tried to catch up with Continuing Education Units I need to maintain my nursing license. Everyone will be coming over around 5:00 for a time of singing and prayer. Mike returns tomorrow - and the crazyness continues!

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Amanda Tippy said...

Hey is this the family we purchased coffee from to support you guys (Chrvans?) from the states or another coffee ministry?