Saturday, April 26, 2008


Today is the first day of our vacation. Yesterday was graduation, and it was very, very sad, yet very good as well. There were a number of friends we said our final farewells to - and yes, on my part, there was much crying. We will still be seeing some friends as we are not leaving for two more months, but many have gone. Today Mike left for Honduras with our teammate Sean, and they are meeting up with out team leader, Mark. They have many things planned over the next couple of days including looking for a future home for us (PLEASE keep that in your prayers), and registering Madison into school. Madison and I stayed home today, ate homemade pizza, brownies, and watched some movies on our lap top. It was a great way to bring in the first day of our vacation!

One other item of prayer - I continue to suffer with severe allergies. My nose is in a constant state of congestion, and makes it difficult to breath effectively. I've tried most of the over-the-counter medications, and most of the perscription anti-allergin/decongestants out there. They all only have a minimal effect. This has been a bit discouraging for me, as I wake often in the night coughing, etc. So if you would please pray for this to end soon - and that I won't have this problem in Honduras.

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